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We provide education for Family Offices who are looking to understand opportunities, pitfalls and strategies for Family Offices related to US Real Estate.

The US Family Office Real Estate Blog / Education / Information & Best Practices site was established with the intention of providing up to date information on real estate structuring, real estate markets, the importance of real estate in a portfolio, and to provide insights to allow  for good decisions to be made by Family Offices in regards to their real estate investments, into funds, managed accounts, direct, joint ventures and with real estate investment groups.

US Family Office Real Estate Family Office Education.

White Papers & Real Estate Educational Fact Sheets for Family Offices

One of the best ways to gain knowledge is through reading white papers on certain topic or reading a quick review on a topic, strategy or concept.

If you’re interested in using these tools, go to the education section of the website and go to either the white paper section or the fact sheet section of the website.  Receive an email when a new white paper or fact sheet is updated on the website.

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Listen to Podcasts from Industry Professional on topics for Family Offices

Listen – Real Estate Tax Strategies for Family Offices with Tom Handler

Listen – Radio Interview- DJ Van Keuren on Family Office Real Estate Strategies for 2017

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Access to the Family Office Real Estate Video Library

Access our Family Office Real Estate Video Library to learn from other successful real estate investors, family offices and leaders in the industry.  We will also provide educational information on a variety of topics from market cycles, asset types, distressed real estate, investment strategies and more. Go to the websites Video Library Section

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Looking To Understand More About Real Estate Cycles, Real Estate Asset Classes and Real Estate Markets?

See How We Can Help You Learn More About These Areas…time clock - Real Estate

For over 200 years real estate has ran in cycles,  both in the industry but also based upon asset class.  

By understanding the cycles, what to look for and how to benefit from these cycles, you have the potential to increase your real estate opportunities and returns.  Go to the Real Estate Market Cycles Section to learn about cycles from our Family Office, Economists, institutional investors and more.

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